Objective and Actionable Cultural Assessment

We know that having the appropriate culture, values and behaviours is essential to ensuring that our organisations maximise performance and minimise risk of unethical behaviour.

The barrier to addressing culture and cultural change is how to define and measure what “culture” means.  Without objective and evidence-based measurement, cultural initiatives tend to be vague, and with no way to measure progress or value for money.

Ethical Profiling solves this problem by providing an organisation-specific, objective and systematic assessment of the elements of culture as they relate to business ethics and reputational risk.

What is Ethical Profiling?

We have developed our Ethical Profiling approach based on years of professional experience helping organisations and their leaders to understand – based on independent, objective and robust evidence – their values, behaviours, subcultures, and motivators across their businesses, functions, various workplaces, and staff groups. Our evidence-based approach will not only produce a supportable and politically unbiased view of current status, good practices, risks, gaps and priorities, but will clearly identify those actions and interventions that will be most effective in addressing those gaps – taking account of the views of the organisation’s people and existing culture and infrastructure.

How does OCREUS assess Ethical Profile?

Organisations are complex interrelated systems. Organisational culture, values and ethical and behavioural risks cannot be understood and changed as if they existed in isolation. We create an objective snapshot of culture by assessing organisational values, leadership messages, workplace behaviours, and staff views and their perceptions of what behaviours are actually role modelled and rewarded.

Understanding human behaviour is essential to this. Our team of highly experienced business psychologists is key to doing this effectively and efficiently. Our tools and methodologies include a blend of surveys, semi-structured interviews, focus groups and workshops, and process and systems analysis.

However, the skills and competence of the team using the tools are more important than the tools themselves. It is our team’s ability to identify and pursue issues as they arise in the flow of the work that enables us to produce objective and robust results. This is why our team has a high level of organisational psychology, organisational development, leadership development and leadership coaching skills and experience.

Issues Addressed

Typically our clients use ethical profiling to address some or all of the following areas:

  • Establishing and communicating authentic organisational values;
  • Understanding / assessing organisational culture in practice;
  • Understanding / assessing systemic and latent ethical risks across the organisation, as reflected in organisational structures, policies, processes and behaviours;
  • Developing high performance teams and cultures through engagement and discretionary effort;
  • Addressing specific areas where change is seen to be desirable, such as employee engagement, community engagement, diversity, unwanted subcultures and tribalism, and inappropriate or unethical behaviour.

Benefits of OCREUS Ethical Profiling

  • Comprehensive assessment based on scientific principles;
  • Robust and actionable assessment of organisational ethical risks;
  • Independent, objective and supportable evidence based assessment that helps avoid / mitigate organisational politics;
  • Forward-looking organisational change approach that encourages systemic solutions and cross-functional working, avoiding destructive finger pointing, blame and functional conflict;
  • Actionable recommendations / interventions based on a robust analysis of what will be most effective in motivating and achieving the desired change;
  • Addresses and enhances general organisational behaviours and so improves wider business performance;
  • High level of face to face engagement with key people across the organisation ensures high levels of support and buy-in for results and interventions, and through that engagement kick-starts the change process;
  • Seen to reconnect leadership with people and improve engagement.

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