We all occasionally need to consult someone else for advice. Sometimes this is technical, but more often an independent sense check of our own ideas or to help us think through a problem from a new perspective.

It can be difficult to access such advice: it needs to be confidential, relevant, informed, empathetic yet challenging, independent and objective. Our senior team have experienced these difficulties first-hand and now work together to provide clients, individually or collectively with access to the advice we would want ourselves.

At the OCREUS Group we provide advisory and opinions across numerous business, regulatory, governance, control, policy, procedural and process matters.

Coming as part of us helping the client through an initiative or matter we have been engaged on, or where simply having access to advice is extremely useful to a client, every situation is unique, but a common thread is a requirement to have access to one or more relevant senior, technical and experienced personal on an as-needed basis.

Typical advisory roles our team have taken include:

New Business and / or Product – Focusing on helping develop, grow and integrate a specific product and / or business across financial services buy and sell side banking. Through utilising our experience, knowledge and leveraging our network to extend potential reach we are often asked to contribute towards opportunity growth and development.

Assessment – Providing front to back reviews, regulation, risk, control, governance, strategy, policy, procedural, process, resource, leadership and documentation across organisations. Recommendations, plans and delivery implementation execution across business lines, products, divisions, functions and roles.

Regulation – Focusing on advice, guidance and opinions across the vast spectrum which is the global regulation, directive and legislation reform agenda. Through our own previous and current experience, initiatives and interactions with the regulators, we bring advisory and opinions to the business impact of regulatory change, operational processes, efficiencies and control monitoring.

Governance – Focusing on advice, guidance and opinions across all governance related matters, including leadership, operating models, monitoring, transparency, documentation and lines of defence.

Operations – Providing operations focused advice for specific requirements and developments. We have executives, managers and specialist skilled SMEs from operations processing having spent years in-house running processes and leading operations and other post trading services. Bottling this experience and knowledge into advice to others has helped other progress.

Infrastructure – Providing technology focused advice for specific requirements and developments. We have executives, managers and skilled technologists from previous buy and sell side firms as well as current service providers and technology consulting. Through these and associated technology providers we can often provide invaluable advice to clients in this fast moving and evolving space.