Corporate & Public Sector

Innovation in Conduct and Business Ethics

Bringing an innovative people-centric approach to reputational risk and business ethic across Industry <

Our Corporate & Public Sector practice has a depth and breadth of business ethics and compliance experience across many industries and geographies. Our diverse team is built around successful careers in the wide range of disciplines that need to be brought together to effectively manage reputational risk and reinforce ethical business culture.

Our leaders have worked on many of the most prominent business ethics cases over the past fifteen years, with experience in industries such a nuclear power, oil and gas, mining, pharmaceuticals and medical services, automotive, engineering, aerospace and defence, and financial services.

We have dealt with a wide range of complex issues including bribery and corruption, fraud, sanctions breaches, sales and marketing and customer protection, health and safety, insolvency and the financial crisis of 2008.

Despite the wide range of complex technical issues in each case, there are common human behavioural issues. Whatever the technical background, different behavioural norms would have prevented or significantly mitigated almost every major business failure.

Drawing on this knowledge, working with business psychologists, we have developed objective, evidenced-based approaches to assessing corporate culture, effective ways to change behaviours and powerful tools to develop highly effective ethical leaders and leadership teams.

Our people have the experience, knowledge and capabilities to deliver.